Lovable Things About Finland

England to Germany, European countries are full of beautiful and eye-catching places, nightlife, architecture, museum and much more. With plenty of options, deciding which place to visit in Europe could be very difficult. Though there are many attractive and beautiful places, Finland is one of the best tourist places in Europe with many special features. It could be said as a treasure trove of amazing travel experiences which could make you fall in love with the place. Not only for Finns but for people across the world, Finland can stand as the best place in the world. So, before planning your next trip to Finland, let us know few surprising things about it. 

More Forest And More Water

Finland is called as Land of thousand lakes and also as Land of thousands of forest. Nearly 60% of Finland is occupied by tension beautiful forest. No other country in Europe consists as much as forest area as Finland. On the other hand, with 188000 lakes Finland consist large amount of water in relation to land mass of all the countries in the world if the water in Finland is also considered as the cleanest water.

Enjoy The Nature At Its Best

In Finland, you can walk freely where ever you want to enjoy the nature. They call this freedom to roam concept as “Everyman’s right”.  With fresh air, beautiful birds and tasty fruits, walk in Finland forest offers you the experience of adorable sounds, smells, and tastes.

Experience Skiing

In Finland, you can avail the skiing facility almost for 6 months that is from may month to October. During the winter season, as it will be darker, the ski slopes are lit up with lights and in spring season there is no need to lit lights as the sun shines until late night.

Safest Place In World


No place in the world is as safe as Finland. Finland is popularly known for the safety, it provides. It is one of the best countries in the world where you can be happy without the fear of theft. Even, if you lose your purse or mobile, they will get returned to their rightful owner. Even, if it is a late night, you can feel safe and secured to walk alone in the Finland parks. According to Formula Automotive,  expert in car safety check, you can use public transport regardless of the time in Finland. 

Beauty All The Way

Besides, beautiful forests and lakes, Finland also consist most beautiful people in the world. With tall and blue-eyed men and gorgeous women, Finland has many reasons to visit.

Explore Variety Of Events

Finland is famous for crazy events. It consists different and never heard events like wife carrying, cell phone throwing championship, air guitar and many more. You can go crazy with their never before seen events and contests.  
Though their events don’t make any sense,  surely you will experience utmost fun and enjoyment.

Angry Bird And Clash Of Clans Are From Here

Angry Birds, one of the worlds famous animation character is of Finnish invention. Even the other popular one, Clash of Clans comes from Finland. It is well known for its development of greatest mobile phone games. In fact, in the world, no other country is as popular as Finland in developing successful and popular games.

With all these reasons and few more, Finland surely makes you fall in love with it.

Memorable Places To Visit In Finland

People that often visit places come off with memories that are pleasant in many ways as well as educative too.  A factor that plays an important role in a visit to Finland must be undoubtedly the cold.  It is indeed a freeze that tends to run to the bones of any visitor on even the mildest of winter days.  But there are some interesting inhabitants of the land that give Finland its uniqueness and distinct identity.  


A lot of people would identify this place as where Santa Claus lives with his elves.  The Christmas seasons are particularly busy for this friend of the children as the gifts and presents for good deeds and behavior needs to be sent out to the most deserving of the young ones in time too.  There is an entire post office that is kept busy at Rovaniemi to work out the logistics of the whole operation.  


This is considered to the center of the Sami culture and anyone wanting to make a proper study and understand the finer aspects of the culture that has in effect defined what Finland means to a lot of people, must make it a point to be here at Sarriselka.  It should not be a big bother to make it till here with a number of travel options as well as choices of stay around the region.  People are requested to respect the way of life followed by the Sami people and to be observant of their practices while here.  


If it is the cathedrals and churches that bug you, then it is just right that a visit is done to Porvoo set among the medieval architecture and key to a culture that has simply passed into history mostly.  On offer is a glance into a past way of life that could at best be labeled as in the middle ages.  From the structures and buildings it is still possible to visualize a life form that could be lost forever from societies across Europe.  


This could be a setting for a boating on the lake that most visitors to Finland would not want to miss out on.  Considering the expansive nature of the water bodies around the region, it is but natural that there is on offer quite a bit of variety when it comes to choice of entertainment options to be had around.  Even a late evening cruise or the trip in summer, with the sun that does set is quite possible here at Savonlinna.  The Fins are particularly fond of the midnight sun and people come in droves during the holiday season in the summers to feel the experience.  


Finland has been known to the far and wide as a place of rivers and lakes.  A brief look has been done to this aspect of the land and it must be said that the Fins are quite inseparable from the water as from the seas.  

The Relevant Facts About Making A Trip To Finland

The first thing that strikes a person at the very mention of the word Finland is the extreme frigidness that people come to associate the land with.  That does not mean that the Fins are a cold group of people, on the contrary, the cold climates of the land is compensated for the warmth of the people that get to inhabit the place.  Most visitors to Finland come out with accounts of bonhomie and camaraderie that exists between the different clans and sub groups that dominate the Finnish society.  

Being Ready For The Cold

Finland is indeed cold.  But there is a fair degree of strength of the frigidness that occurs at different times of the year with the extreme of winter occurring during the start of January.  Summers are warm for a Fin but people from much tropical sort of climates would not find comfort in the warmth of the summers at Finland.  

So the best way to be prepared for the life in such a cold place is to be armed with as much as woolens and warm clothing as could be taken along.  It really does not help matters to search out shops and malls that could deal in the correct type of clothes, particularly on a short visit.

Finland travel

The Change Of Dietary Habits

It must be said that the Fins do have a dietary habit that is quite in keeping with the cold of the land.  They do use a low of cured meat and things like salted meats.  This is more out of a tradition and does not reflect on the facilities available currently to those inhabiting the land.  Cheese and its products too do get to have predominance in the day to day diet and this does help people to arm up on the fats that are needed to keep the insides warm.  

Use Of Alcohol In Society

Unlike the Russians, that try to keep warm in the cold of Russia with a liberal dose of alcohol, Finland really does not have such a culture.  It is the predominant view with the health services that alcohol more than solving problems would tend to create new ones that are still more acute.  Thus as a rule, the alcohol and its products are highly taxed at all times and it is the real upper class that do use it liberally.  

Most people that are in the habit of having a tipple at the end of a cold day would take the effort to pack a couple of bottles of their favorite blend on the typical short visits.  It might in most cases be the thriftier of options.  


With the cold getting to be a fact of life in Finland, it is the visitor that should best adapt to the climate as best as could be done and food like the cold must be in meeting the needs of the visitor as well as the host too.  

5 Things to Know Before Your Trip To Finland

As a country, Finland is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations. The people here are serious and shy but at the same time highly opinionated and competitive. For the ones planning a trip to Finland, there are many things to discover and know. The five most important things that you must know prior to visiting Finland include:

Saunas Are A Part Of Life In Finland

Saunas can be found in each and every house and hotel throughout Finland. This is because saunas have been an integral part of the culture of Finland since centuries. They are generally heated to approximately 100 degrees Celsius at low humidity. Thus, it can be said that saunas are a part and parcel of the lives of people in Finland and therefore you must also get used to using them when in Finland.

Helsinki, The Capital Of Finland Boasts Of Some Lovely Cathedrals

Some of the world’s most amazing and loveliest cathedrals are accommodated in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. One of the most popular cathedrals in Helsinki is The Tuomiokirkko which is a neoclassical wonder, all in white and capped with green domes. Sitting right in the heart of Helsinki, this cathedral was constructed between 1830 and 1852 as a tribute to Tsar Nicholas I.

Nature Is Important In Finland

Finland is a country that is largely comprised of lakes, rivers and trees and this is the reasons why the Finns have a special love for nature. They are in love with everything that is natural. The locals here feel guilty of their cosmopolitan ways of living. They even have small cabins constructed in the rural areas for spending the weekends in the lap of Mother Nature. It is only because of their love for nature that the Finns are healthier and happier than the other people living across the world.

Refrain From Interrupting Conversations

It might be very difficult for a normal human being from the other part of the world to do so but in Finland, it is considered rude to interrupt conversations. Well, interrupting conversations is also considered rude in various other parts of the world but in Finland, people take it very seriously and this behavior is completely unacceptable in Finland. This silence might feel awkward and boring to many people but the people in Finland do not indulge in small talks just for the sake of starting conversations. They talk only when they need to deliver an important message.


In Finland, you cannot visit anyone unannounced. It is necessary for you to either be invited or if you intend to visit someone, you have to inform the person in advance. You cannot just visit anyone all of a sudden. To your surprise, you will not have anyone opening the door for you. And of course, one thing that you must always remember that if you are actually visiting someone, make sure to be there on time. This is because the Finns are quite particular about time. Same principle goes with Tree Lopping Brisbane South they work head of time with excellent quality.


The tips mentioned above will probably help you in avoiding faux pas during your trip to Finland. Happy Travels!

Thanks to Eric from Tree Lopping Carindale who is a Finnish National living in Australia.

10 Tips For Visiting Finland

Finland, the country that is home to beautiful waterfalls, bays and mountains is stunning in itself. But because of its out-of-the-way location, there are a large number of people who refrain from visiting Finland. Do not be one of those people because Finland has a lot to offer to its visitors. The ten tips for visiting Finland have been mentioned below:

Be Careful When Eating Out

The restaurants in Finland post their menus with rates in the window. Therefore, it is important for you to check the rates in order to avoid any nasty surprises. Having lunch in the larger towns of the country is much more affordable than having dinner. Hence, for dinner you must choose some supermarket food items.

Finland Is Not Expensive

You might have heard people saying that Finland is a very expensive country but this is not the truth. Yes, tobacco and alcohol are expensive in Finland but otherwise, the rates for other items are pretty average.

Try Getting Pre-Paid SIM Cards

R-Kiosks sell pre-paid SIM cards in Finland. The entire procedure of getting a pre-paid SIM card and upgrading to a data plan is pretty simple and hassle free in Finland. You better get a SIM card when in the country because you will hardly find any telephone booths here.

Rail Transport

The railway system of Finland is excellent. Majority of the trains in this country feature dining carts though they are a bit overpriced. Stellar brews are also served to the passengers in the trains. However, it is important for you to keep to yourself while not disturbing the fellow passengers in the train.

Getting Visa Is Not Difficult

It is not at all difficult to get a visa for Finland. You can easily get a visa for Finland within a week or so if you apply online. nevertheless, it is important for you to be fully prepared for a long quiz at the immigration.

Packing Is An Important Concern

Finland is primarily an Arctic country with temperatures varying from +30 degrees to -30 degrees. Therefore, when you are packing for your trip to Finland, pack accordingly. You must make sure to have everything that you might require with the changes in temperature.

Have An Idea Of Cultural Differences

Always keep in mind that making eye contact or smiling at strangers is considered indecorous in Finland. This is because the people of Finland are of the view that 9 smiles out of 10 smiles are insincere and faux. This is of course an alien concept but you need to go by this.

Mosquitoes- They Are Not A Joke

Do not take the Finnish mosquitoes for granted. They are a whole new level of sin. Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to make use of a local mosquito repellent in order to have a comfortable life while in Finland.

Have All Important Documents

Passports are suggested but they are not required always, it is important for you to have a valid identification proof from any European country in order to enter Finland.

Bikes Are Best For Getting Around In Finland

Bikes serve as one of the most preferred choice of transport for getting around in Finland. There are separate tracks for bikes throughout the country.


Armed with these tips for visiting Finland, you should be very well prepared for the next big adventure in your life!

10 Best Places To Visit In Finland

Boasting of several beautiful islands, lakes, comfortable and well-planned small towns and an exclusive culture, Finland provides its visitors a different experience altogether. The country is a natural wonderland featuring more trees than citizens. Here, you will find the top ten places to visit in Finland, the ones that you must never miss out on when visiting this beautiful country.


This is a beautiful town in Finland situated attractively on a narrow and long lake named Vanajavesi. One of the most popular landmarks of this town is the red brick castle. The Aulanko Park is also one of the major attractions of this town.

Aland Archipelago

Aland Archipelago is a collection of beautiful islands located right in the center of Baltic Sea. Technically, it belongs to Finland but the islands run autonomously. One of the most important sites to visit at this place is the Aland Maritime Museum. Other sites include Kastelholm, the 14th century castle and the ship turned museum known as Pommern.

Finnish Lakeland

As is suggested by the name, Finnish Lakeland is an area boasting of an abundance of beautiful lakes. This area is comprised of more than 55, 000 lakes spread across eastern and central Finland.

Lake Saimaa

Saimaa with its location in the Finnish Lake District is the largest lake of the country and Europe’s fourth largest lake. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations where even the locals dream of living cottage life.


Yyteri is famous for possessing the longest beach of Finland stretching four miles on the western Baltic shore. The place is known for wonderful sand dunes. It is also one of the most well-known leisure destinations of Finland especially for the ones travelling to this country during the summer season.


Tampere is a cocktail of innovation and industry, vibrant arts and Finnish hospitality. Tampere offers great scopes of boat cruising, cross-country skiing and hiking to the tourists as it lies between the two popular lakes namely Nasijarvi and Pyhajavari.

The Uspenski Cathedral

This Russian Orthodox Church is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Finland. It is located at the Katajanokka peninsula in Finland and its sheer size is sufficient for impressing the tourists.

Suomenlinna Fortress

The Suomenlinna Fortress was built during the second half of the 18th century and it shows off one of the most advanced European military architecture. This exclusive historical monument also serves as one of the biggest maritime fortresses of the world. It is one of the smallest wonders of Finland serving as a popular tourist spot.


Lapland is popularly called the town of Santa Claus or the Santa Claus village. Located in the northern part of Finland, Lapland offers exclusive natural beauty. The area is filled with pine and tundra forests while you can see frozen lakes and snow hills during the winters.

Koli National Park

Koli National park is popular natural landscape. It is located in the eastern part of the country and is famous for heritage landscapes, boreal forests, high and low land meadows, silicate rock vegetation and bog and eskers woodlands.


Thus, it can rightly be said that Finland, the icy and long Scandinavian backbone rarely fails to mesmerize and enchant its visitors.

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