As a country, Finland is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations. The people here are serious and shy but at the same time highly opinionated and competitive. For the ones planning a trip to Finland, there are many things to discover and know. The five most important things that you must know prior to visiting Finland include:

Saunas Are A Part Of Life In Finland

Saunas can be found in each and every house and hotel throughout Finland. This is because saunas have been an integral part of the culture of Finland since centuries. They are generally heated to approximately 100 degrees Celsius at low humidity. Thus, it can be said that saunas are a part and parcel of the lives of people in Finland and therefore you must also get used to using them when in Finland.

Helsinki, The Capital Of Finland Boasts Of Some Lovely Cathedrals

Some of the world’s most amazing and loveliest cathedrals are accommodated in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. One of the most popular cathedrals in Helsinki is The Tuomiokirkko which is a neoclassical wonder, all in white and capped with green domes. Sitting right in the heart of Helsinki, this cathedral was constructed between 1830 and 1852 as a tribute to Tsar Nicholas I.

Nature Is Important In Finland

Finland is a country that is largely comprised of lakes, rivers and trees and this is the reasons why the Finns have a special love for nature. They are in love with everything that is natural. The locals here feel guilty of their cosmopolitan ways of living. They even have small cabins constructed in the rural areas for spending the weekends in the lap of Mother Nature. It is only because of their love for nature that the Finns are healthier and happier than the other people living across the world.

Refrain From Interrupting Conversations

It might be very difficult for a normal human being from the other part of the world to do so but in Finland, it is considered rude to interrupt conversations. Well, interrupting conversations is also considered rude in various other parts of the world but in Finland, people take it very seriously and this behavior is completely unacceptable in Finland. This silence might feel awkward and boring to many people but the people in Finland do not indulge in small talks just for the sake of starting conversations. They talk only when they need to deliver an important message.


In Finland, you cannot visit anyone unannounced. It is necessary for you to either be invited or if you intend to visit someone, you have to inform the person in advance. You cannot just visit anyone all of a sudden. To your surprise, you will not have anyone opening the door for you. And of course, one thing that you must always remember that if you are actually visiting someone, make sure to be there on time. This is because the Finns are quite particular about time. Same principle goes with Tree Lopping Brisbane South they work head of time with excellent quality.


The tips mentioned above will probably help you in avoiding faux pas during your trip to Finland. Happy Travels!

Thanks to Eric from Tree Lopping Carindale who is a Finnish National living in Australia.