England to Germany, European countries are full of beautiful and eye-catching places, nightlife, architecture, museum and much more. With plenty of options, deciding which place to visit in Europe could be very difficult. Though there are many attractive and beautiful places, Finland is one of the best tourist places in Europe with many special features. It could be said as a treasure trove of amazing travel experiences which could make you fall in love with the place. Not only for Finns but for people across the world, Finland can stand as the best place in the world. So, before planning your next trip to Finland, let us know few surprising things about it. 

More Forest And More Water

Finland is called as Land of thousand lakes and also as Land of thousands of forest. Nearly 60% of Finland is occupied by tension beautiful forest. No other country in Europe consists as much as forest area as Finland. On the other hand, with 188000 lakes Finland consist large amount of water in relation to land mass of all the countries in the world if the water in Finland is also considered as the cleanest water.

Enjoy The Nature At Its Best

In Finland, you can walk freely where ever you want to enjoy the nature. They call this freedom to roam concept as “Everyman’s right”.  With fresh air, beautiful birds and tasty fruits, walk in Finland forest offers you the experience of adorable sounds, smells, and tastes.

Experience Skiing

In Finland, you can avail the skiing facility almost for 6 months that is from may month to October. During the winter season, as it will be darker, the ski slopes are lit up with lights and in spring season there is no need to lit lights as the sun shines until late night.

Safest Place In World


No place in the world is as safe as Finland. Finland is popularly known for the safety, it provides. It is one of the best countries in the world where you can be happy without the fear of theft. Even, if you lose your purse or mobile, they will get returned to their rightful owner. Even, if it is a late night, you can feel safe and secured to walk alone in the Finland parks. According to Formula Automotive,  expert in car safety check, you can use public transport regardless of the time in Finland. 

Beauty All The Way

Besides, beautiful forests and lakes, Finland also consist most beautiful people in the world. With tall and blue-eyed men and gorgeous women, Finland has many reasons to visit.

Explore Variety Of Events

Finland is famous for crazy events. It consists different and never heard events like wife carrying, cell phone throwing championship, air guitar and many more. You can go crazy with their never before seen events and contests.  
Though their events don’t make any sense,  surely you will experience utmost fun and enjoyment.

Angry Bird And Clash Of Clans Are From Here

Angry Birds, one of the worlds famous animation character is of Finnish invention. Even the other popular one, Clash of Clans comes from Finland. It is well known for its development of greatest mobile phone games. In fact, in the world, no other country is as popular as Finland in developing successful and popular games.

With all these reasons and few more, Finland surely makes you fall in love with it.