The first thing that strikes a person at the very mention of the word Finland is the extreme frigidness that people come to associate the land with.  That does not mean that the Fins are a cold group of people, on the contrary, the cold climates of the land is compensated for the warmth of the people that get to inhabit the place.  Most visitors to Finland come out with accounts of bonhomie and camaraderie that exists between the different clans and sub groups that dominate the Finnish society.  

Being Ready For The Cold

Finland is indeed cold.  But there is a fair degree of strength of the frigidness that occurs at different times of the year with the extreme of winter occurring during the start of January.  Summers are warm for a Fin but people from much tropical sort of climates would not find comfort in the warmth of the summers at Finland.  

So the best way to be prepared for the life in such a cold place is to be armed with as much as woolens and warm clothing as could be taken along.  It really does not help matters to search out shops and malls that could deal in the correct type of clothes, particularly on a short visit.

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The Change Of Dietary Habits

It must be said that the Fins do have a dietary habit that is quite in keeping with the cold of the land.  They do use a low of cured meat and things like salted meats.  This is more out of a tradition and does not reflect on the facilities available currently to those inhabiting the land.  Cheese and its products too do get to have predominance in the day to day diet and this does help people to arm up on the fats that are needed to keep the insides warm.  

Use Of Alcohol In Society

Unlike the Russians, that try to keep warm in the cold of Russia with a liberal dose of alcohol, Finland really does not have such a culture.  It is the predominant view with the health services that alcohol more than solving problems would tend to create new ones that are still more acute.  Thus as a rule, the alcohol and its products are highly taxed at all times and it is the real upper class that do use it liberally.  

Most people that are in the habit of having a tipple at the end of a cold day would take the effort to pack a couple of bottles of their favorite blend on the typical short visits.  It might in most cases be the thriftier of options.  


With the cold getting to be a fact of life in Finland, it is the visitor that should best adapt to the climate as best as could be done and food like the cold must be in meeting the needs of the visitor as well as the host too.